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I saw a news story recently that prisons have become an oasis for older people in Japan?
According to the BBC, the crime rate in Japan has been declining for the past decade, but the number of criminals over the age of 60 has increased dramatically. Most of these silver-haired criminals are imprisoned for petty theft, and many of them even commit multiple crimes "on purpose," going to prison one day and coming back the next?
It turns out that it's because the conditions in Japanese prisons are so good that these elderly Fake Watches widows and orphans are not only well fed and well played, but also cared for by professional nursing staff who take them for exercise and disease prevention. In addition to good food, good play and professional care, even the interior design of the prison environment is specially designed for the elderly who have committed crimes in elderly prisons, with many functional details that make people impressed.
To make it easier for wheelchair users to get around, the entrance steps are designed with ramps for wheelchairs.
In order to help the elderly live a more dignified life, the tatami mats on which they sleep are equipped with a grey tarpaulin to prevent bed-wetting.
All you have to do is drop off a ten-dollar sandwich at a convenience store, and you get two years of free "incarceration" (seems like a pretty good deal)! Of course, this is only an exception, but in Japan, where the population is aging, there are both public and private nursing homes that are well established. As a benchmark for the elderly care industry in Asia, the design, operation, and service of Japan's elderly care facilities are well worth studying.
This "new" nursing home, located in Koganei, Shimano City, is surrounded by beautiful farmland and forests,rolex green submariner and was awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD for its traditional Japanese architecture, abundant wood, and bright natural environment to create a comfortable and secure atmosphere for the elderly. The first floor is divided into a long building and three separate buildings. The public spaces of the long building are, from left to right, the entrance, the Japanese-style room, the dining room with a heater, the outdoor hot spring, the golden bath, the replica rolex datejust Watches mother's room, and the Tudo restaurant. The three independent small buildings are a cafe, a workshop and a classroom. In addition to a large amount of lawn area, there is also space for chickens and farming outside.
In order to prevent them from getting bruised when sitting up,buy replica watches the edges of the tables and chairs in the dining room are protected, mostly with rounded corners, no hard corners or sharp edges. Large dining room
The individual rooms are not very spacious, but more of a more open public space. Hopefully, seniors won't stay in their rooms all day and will get out and interact with people and make new friends.
It is very nice to take a bath after eating and drinking, so there are indoor and outdoor hot spring rooms genuine fake watches turkey and a place to take a golden bath in the room to the right of the dining room. Indoor hot spring room
If steps are really needed, a smooth and gentle slope can be used for transition.
The door into the bathroom is a sliding door with hanging rails, completely avoiding the obstacles of the elderly to open the door, in addition, the width of the bathroom door is also carefully calculated,counterfeit rolex pushing the wheelchair directly into the bathroom about 75cm width, if you need to enter and then fold back the width of the door needs to be widened to more than 80cm, so as to avoid the risk of wheelchair stuck in the door. After the old man enters the bathroom through the door,replica luxury watches there are round handrails on one side of the wall for the old man to hold, and the height of these handrails is between 70-80cm.
When the elderly choose to sit in the bath,rolex swiss replica watches it is difficult to finish the bath alone, so there will be other cheap real rolex watches people to assist, so the width of the shower room must be enough to accommodate two body positions, its width is controlled in more than one meter, the height is also more than rolex two tone 1.6 meters, if the elderly want to bathe in the tub is also very good! In order to facilitate their easy access, the rim height of the bathtub is 15-20 cm lower than the usual bathtub, and the depth of water is controlled best watch ever to about 50 cm, all of which is carefully measured to give the elderly best rolex a more comfortable feeling.
Conventional bathtubs have a common depth perfect-clones watches of about 60-65 cm. If you are on a fixed surface,womens rolex oyster perpetual there is a high horizontal height to enter the submariner With age, it is easy to upset the balance of the body and the standing committee tends to get weaker. The risk of falls increases for the elderly when the foot raised in and out of the tub reaches waist height. The height from the ground to the edge of the bathtub is 350~450mm, and the depth of the bathtub is about 500mm.
After taking a bath, the elderly can enter the next lounge for a nap. Leisure space
In order to make the elderly stand and wash more swiss watch replicas comfortable, the height of each washbasin is set at 80cm, which not only reduces the burden on their waist, but also makes the water less likely to drip, and the deep reading space required to bend down is about 60cm.
In order to avoid the elderly in wheelchairs to wash when the knee hit the foot,rolex yachtmaster 2 price the space below the washbasin is set at 65cm, so that the space to put down a wheelchair is just right. Another toilet in the bathroom is also very thoughtful watch replicas rolex sub mariner design, in order to facilitate the elderly to sit up and sit on the position of its handrail is set in the wall, 15-30cm away from the toilet, the appropriate distance just so they better power.
In addition to the comfortable environment, the nursing home also provides handicraft classes, cooking classes, gardening classes and so on, in the hope that the elderly people here can start a new life,counterfeit watches learn new knowledge, cook their favorite food,best replica websites make new friends and maintain good health.
Although it is only a short distance from the first floor rolex day date 41mm to the second floor,rolex submariner green dial the designers have designed a barrier-free elevator, a library, a restaurant,rolex 15210 and a footbath salon for the elderly.
The children's entertainment room is specially designed so that the elderly can play rolex limited edition with the children visiting their relatives and make them feel that this is their home. Children's Room Although not too big and not too luxurious,rolex replicas for sale this senior care facility called Azalee has humanized intelligent design to the bones and is used to serve every elderly person living here.
In order to allow the elderly to better exercise,fake watches online specially designed a variety of humane and intelligent equipment, they get up and do the first thing is to follow the electronic screen dance health exercises.
In order to exercise their leg capacity, set up a push can watch copies be pedaled fitness equipment, the elderly can follow the rhythmic movement of music up. In addition, the handrails are installed on the wall beside the toilet, and the door is a rolex replica sliding door, also for the convenience of the wheelchair elderly.
For the elderly with bad legs and feet is not an easy thing to get in and out of bed, there is a section of freely adjustable height of the electric bed for its use, get in and out of bed a little lower,watches replica safe lying on the bed to return to the normal height.
There is also a paging device at the head of the bed that allows you to press a button and have a caregiver come to you immediately.
Azalee is also said to have partnered two tone submariner with a nearby hospital, where a dentist and general practitioner regularly visit to check up on the elderly. In addition to comprehensive medical care, Azalee also has a hair salon. As the barber cuts the hair, he or she asks the senior where he or she needs a trim. Respecting the seniors' own aesthetics makes haircuts a pleasure.