Music Nation Commission - Rob Buckland

4th March 2012, Turner Sims, Southampton

This is a day which I will always remember, not only for it's fantastic music-making but also for the strange weather! We had large snowflakes falling as I picked Simone up from Southampton train station but luckily they didn't settle and over fifty saxophonists were still able to attend a session working with Rob on his piece 'Capricorn'.

As the afternoon progressed the piece gained more momentum and people began to get excited about their performance as the Musical Alphabet weekend drew to a close. We were playing in the 'W for Woodwind' and 'X for Xylophone' concerts and were able to work with Simone and Jason Rebello in a one-off all-star Equivox Trio+.

The Equivox Trio+ opened the concert with stunning virtuosic performances, followed by Saxophony and Supersonic. The finale was when everyone combined to play 'Capricorn', a rhythmically driven and exciting piece.

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The commission for 'Capricorn' was kindly supported by CASS

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Jonathan Myall Music also supported the weekend

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