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Sax workshop with Rob Buckland - February 2015

On 8th February Saxophony were joined by other saxophone enthusiasts for a workshop with Rob Buckland. Rob has been to Winchester several times before and it was great to have him back again. The workshop focussed on saxophone technique which was applied to one note on the principle you can only play one note at a time. Rob talked and demonstrated the control of vibrato, air speed, throat positions and tension in the body and everyone had lots to go and try out at home. The group played several of Rob's compositions which covered a variety of styles. This was great because the theory could be put into practice as everyone aimed to play with the native 'style' and nuances for that particular genre. The realm of mouthpiece, reed and ligature combinations was approached with Rob imparting knowledge to allow people to again try different things and make their own decisions. Rob is an extremely knowledgeable and engaging teacher who has not only mastered the art of playing the saxophone but has then spent time working out how he achieved his high standard in order to enable others to progress. We are hugely grateful to Rob and look forward to welcoming him back soon. Jonathan Myall also attended the day with his trade stand showing a wide variety of saxophones, accessories and sheet music. To browse their whole selection visit